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VK-70 Vacuum Breaker

VK-70 Vacuum Breaker

VK-70 Vacuum Breaker

High pressure can be executed during the using of the steam plumbing and steam equipment but when they stopped pipeline will be cool that will cause condensation of the steam. Because of the volume decreasing which is caused by steam-water translation inner pressure will decrease and vacuum effect will execute.
Ayvaz VK-70 vacuum breakers work as a check valve and when vacuum execute in the pipeline. They take into air and prevent vacuum effect.
VK-70 should be installed the pipeline at horizontal position.

Material Structure:
Body and cover: MS56 brass
Inner parts: AISI 304 Stainless steel


Nominal Diameter:
DN15 (1/2”)

Working Pressure:
Up to 16 bars

Working Temperature:
Up to 260 ºC

Typical Applications:
Boiler feeding lines
Boiler pipes
Container feeding and discharging lines

Product Brochure

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