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Capacitive Level Gauges

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ELK-4/ELK-4F Galaxy Level Electrode

Galaxy Level Electrode unit needs conductive liquid for level controlling. 4 liquid levels are set in production and this level cannot be changed by customer, usually settled level points are;


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AECAS Capacitive Level Switch

AECAS level switch is a capacitive level sensor for level measurement of conductive liquid, nonconductive liquid, granulated materials with solid particles, adhesive and acid/basic liquids. When a material co...

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KP-01 Galaxy Capacitive Level Electrode

Ayvaz KP-01 Capacitive Level Controller works according to capacitance measurement principle. It is used to display continuous levels in conductive and non-conductive liquids. KP-01 comprises a level transmit...

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AECAP Capacitive Level Transmitter

Application Areas: Liquid tanks, food machines, cooling liquid tanks, shipping, glycol tanks, brine, waste water tanks. Oil tanks, CO2 liquid tanks, high temperature tanks, non-conductive liquids. Grain store...

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