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Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

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Pipe Expansion Joints

Movement Absorption

Pipe expansion joints provide axial movement absorption and maintain the pip...

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Gimbal Type Expansion Joints

Gimbal type expansion joints are designed to permit angular rotation in any plane by the use of two pairs of hinges affixed to a common floati...

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Universal Type Joint with Tie Rod

The movements occured in two directions can only be absorbed by using Lateral Expansion Joints. Universal tied expansion joints are made up of two bellows connected each o...

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External Pressurized Expansion Joint

Compensating larger amount of thermal expansions by axial expansion joints are only possible by increasing the number of corrugations of the b...

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Axial Type - Lateral Type Expansion Joints

Axial expansion joints aim to absorb the axial expansions.

• They do not change the direction of the flow
• Additional assemblage distance is not...

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Vibration Absorber

Besides of compensating thermal expansions, the most important function of expansion joints is to solve the problems caused by the system vibr...

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Ayvaz Seismic Isolation Expansion Joints

Ayvaz seismic isolation expansion joints prevents the pipeline damage by absorbing very high amount of movements (X, Y, Z directions) in all directions such as earthquake and collapse. Its flexible and mobile...

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District Heating Expansion Joints

Ayvaz’s highly flexible metal bellowed expansion joints are designed to absorb large axial movements specially for installation in district heating pipe systems.

The axial forces in the pipeline are directly transferred ...

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Braided Expansion Joints

Ayvaz’s braided expansion joints are assembled using annularly corrugated stainless steel bellows and high strength stainless steel braiding. They are designed for o...

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