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Pressure Reducing Valves

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Pilot Influenced Pressure Reducers

If the desired pressure for any process is less than the incoming pressure, pressure reducing valve is used to set the desired pressure.
It is not advisable to drop more than 10/1 in the pressure reducin...

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BDV-25 Pressure Reducing Valve

Body: GGG40.3 Ductile iron casting
Spindle, Seat, Filter: Stainless Steel
Connection: Threaded
Pressure Class: PN 25
Max. Working Temperature: 210 ºC
Field Settings: 0,14-1,70 ba...

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AGD-30 Pressure Reducer

If the working pressure for any process is less than the incoming line pressure, pressure reducing valve can set the pressure. It is not recommended to drop incoming line pressure more than 10/1 in the pressu...

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Threaded Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure reducing valves are used to balance the system pressure; they are placed at the entrance of the buildings or residences. Pressure reducing valve drops the pressure down to 3-4 bars for residences.

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