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Fire Fighting Equipment

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Fire Squad Connection Valve

Fire squad connection valves are produced for providing water connection for fire hoses used by fire squad. It generally placed near to fire cabinets and fire exits.

Connection Type: Threaded (F X F)
Dimension: 2 ½&r...

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Flow Switch

In wet pipe systems, generally pedal type water alarm switches are used for informing users 4-10 gpm water flow has started. Water flow switches are used in Aqueous and foam fire extinguishing systems. They are used in...

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Flow Meter

Flow meters are used for checking the flow rate on fire pumps. Advantages of this product that users can check the pump values which is shown on the their labels.

Connection Type:
Butt welded or Grooved

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Pressure Reducing Valve

Advantages: Increases the system equipment life and save the water in tank which is used for unnecessary operations. These valves are used to reduce the pressure which is over the limits on the system. After hydraulic ...

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Check Valve

Check valves allow the flow in single direction. They prevent the water returns and protect the equipment. That’s why these products are so important for the fire systems. They are also suitable for using indoor ...

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Supervisory Switch Butterfly Valve

Supervisiory switch butterfly valves are produced for separating the zones and act like control valves. In fire protection systems, valves have to can be monitored. They are provided with a hand wheel mounted on the shaft communicates wi...

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NRS Non-rising Valve

NRS gate valve is developed to be used as the cut off and zone control valves in order to substitute supervisory switched butterfly valves and OSY rising stem valves in the fire security systems. These valves are usually burried undergro...

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Resilient Wedge OS&Y Gate Valve

OS&Y gate valve is developed to be used as the cut off and zone control valves in order to substitute supervisory switched butterfly valves in the fire security systems. Just to make them visible and traceable inside the systems, the...

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OS&Y Rising Stem Valves Supervisory Switch

These switches use for the taking signal from the OS&Y gate valve and send it to panels, in that way user can aware of the valve situation. It is suitable for using indoor and outdoor.

Connection Type:

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Post Indicator

Post indicators are used with NRS non-rising stem valves in order to prevent the risk of freeze. Pipe systems are placed under ground and post indicators show to users valves are open or closed. It also suitable for indoor and outdoor op...

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Relief (Pressure Reduce) Valves

This valves using for the preventing damages which cause from the pressure in fire pump systems. Generally fire protection systems use the diesel pumps and electrical motors. In that systems relief valves are preferred...

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Test and Drainage Valves

In sprinkler systems, these valves are used for the testing systems and drain the unnecessary fluids from the systems.

Advantages: They have sight glasses in their body,single valve i...

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Warehouse Type Sprinklers

Warehouse type sprinkler is designed for the special applications such as high level storage systems. These type of sprinklers gives the more water with more less pressure. If the users do correct pressure adjustments ...

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High Protected Type Sprinklers

High protected sprinklers design instead of the low, middle and some high risky standard sprinklers. It makes cost saving such as less sprinkler quantities, less pipe meters in systems. These type of sprinklers separat...

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Housing Type Sprinklers

Housing type sprinklers, design for the need like in residences, houses and dormitories. It helps the construction sector with cost savings. It provides optimum flow features.

Application areas 
- Housi...

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Dry Type Sprinklers

Dry type sprinklers design for preventing freeze hazard in the systems. These sprinklers develop for standard applications. It has 2 models, standard and quick response it also produce like different colors.

A -...

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Standard Response Type Sprinklers

Standard response sprinklers design for the approvals. It has many options for using areas. 5 mm bulb glass and solver make strong this against the heat.

Application areas


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Deluge Alarm Valve Systems

Deluge Alarm valves using in the special hazard class systems. It use foam and water for the fire extinction.

Application areas; storages, warehouse, in areas which is in the high dang...

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Wet Alarm Valve System and Equipment

Wet alarm valves design for the over +4°C systems because it is weak against the freezing. Alarm check valve and flow meter detector use for the mechanical and electronical alarm detections.

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Dry Alarm Valve Systems and Equipment

Dry pipe sprinkler system ; design for the non-heating areas, areas which is under +4°C for preventing the hazards belongs the freezing. For the preventing freezing issue, dry valve systems produce with the pressured air and nitrogen...

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Pre-action Systems

If the fire extinction systems work with the extra detection equipments, it is called as pre action sprinkler system.

Dimensions: 1 ½&...

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Fire Fighting Connection Valve

It is design for the use in sprinkler systems and fire cabinets.

Connection type: Threaded (F x F)

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Fire Cabinets

Over plaster fire cabinets

Over Plaster Fire Cabinets

· 1,5 mm DKP metal sheets
· 70 x 95 x 25
· 0.70 micron electrostatic powder paint
· Ral 3020 red, Ral 9...

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Fire Hydrant

Technical Features

· It is produced with TS EN 14384 standards
· Body: GG-25 Cast iron
· Movement spindle and nut in MS-58 quality.
· Sealing works with o-ring
· O-rings in shore-80 ...

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