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Actuators and Worm Gears

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Worm Gear

Ayvaz worm gears are used industrial applications, chemical processes and HVAC. It provides %80 effortlessness by 90 degrees rotation.

Worm gears are recommended to use between DN150-300 dimensio...

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Electrical Actuator

Electrical pneumatic actuator controls butterfly valve, ball valve proportional or on/off control. It can be used to valves quarter turn.

There are options between 40nm-300nm.
Operating co...

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PAD-20 Dual Effect Pneumatic Actuator

1. Operating media 
Dry or lubricated air or the non-corrosivegases. The maximum particle diameter must less than 30μm

2. Air supply pressure
The minimum supply pressure is 2 Bar
The maximum supply pressure...

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Pneumatic Actuator - Single Acting

Single Acting Pneumatic Actuators have threaded type design and are produced in single acting type. The new generation of actuators is available as standard with the cam on the shaft, with both opening and closing direction ± 5 &d...

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EAD-20 Electric Actuator

Electric actuator is used for controlling 0°~270° rotation of the valves and other similar products, such as butterfly valve, ball valve, damper, flapper valve, cock valve etc. It widely applies to pe...

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