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Standard Response Type Sprinklers

Standard response sprinklers design for the approvals. It has many options for using areas. 5 mm bulb glass and solver make strong this against the heat.

Application areas


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Dry Type Sprinklers

Dry type sprinklers design for preventing freeze hazard in the systems. These sprinklers develop for standard applications. It has 2 models, standard and quick response it also produce like different colors.

A -...

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Housing Type Sprinklers

Housing type sprinklers, design for the need like in residences, houses and dormitories. It helps the construction sector with cost savings. It provides optimum flow features.

Application areas 
- Housi...

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High Protected Type Sprinklers

High protected sprinklers design instead of the low, middle and some high risky standard sprinklers. It makes cost saving such as less sprinkler quantities, less pipe meters in systems. These type of sprinklers separat...

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Warehouse Type Sprinklers

Warehouse type sprinkler is designed for the special applications such as high level storage systems. These type of sprinklers gives the more water with more less pressure. If the users do correct pressure adjustments ...

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