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Alarm Valves

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Pre-action Systems

If the fire extinction systems work with the extra detection equipments, it is called as pre action sprinkler system.

Dimensions: 1 ½&...

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Dry Alarm Valve Systems and Equipment

Dry pipe sprinkler system ; design for the non-heating areas, areas which is under +4°C for preventing the hazards belongs the freezing. For the preventing freezing issue, dry valve systems produce with the pressured air and nitrogen...

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Wet Alarm Valve System and Equipment

Wet alarm valves design for the over +4°C systems because it is weak against the freezing. Alarm check valve and flow meter detector use for the mechanical and electronical alarm detections.

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Deluge Alarm Valve Systems

Deluge Alarm valves using in the special hazard class systems. It use foam and water for the fire extinction.

Application areas; storages, warehouse, in areas which is in the high dang...

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