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On-Off Control Switches

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AELC Conductivity Type Level Electrode

AELC Level Switches are used for liquid level control of tanks and boilers. It can be used in critical places with solid particulate low density and high viscosity conductive fluids because it does not have m...

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ELK-4/ELK-4F Capacitive Level Electrode

Ayvaz Compact System Galaxy ELK-4/ELK-4F work according conductivity measurement principle. ELK 4/ ELK 4F capable of displaying 4 levels in conductor liquids.

4 levels eac...

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AELB-11/AELB-12 Level Switch

AELB level switches are used for tank level measurement and control. The high temperature resistance, the long life contact structure that can work in every direction, the stainless steel of the wet parts, ve...

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