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A2W General Usage Solenoid Valve

A2W General Usage Solenoid Valve

A2W General Usage Solenoid Valve

The name given as solenoid valve to the electromagnetic valve used to control fluids such as water,air, oil etc. The bobbin is supplied with electrical power so that the piston in the valve can move. When the electric current moves in the coil, the piston becomes the electromagnet and moves the piston according to the state of use of the coil. Thus, the inlet channel starts to push the fluid in the direction of the output.

When the signal is interrupted, the valve returns to its original state and prevents the passage of the fluid.

Connection: 3/8'' Threaded, 2'' Threaded
Gasket Material: NBR  (Optional EPDM, Viton)
Body Material: Brass/Stainless Steel
Working Temperature: -10°C / 80 °C

Working Pressure: 0,3-10 bar Supply: AC 220 V
Cover Class: IP 65
Fluid: Water, Air, Oil etc.
Body Pressure:PN 16
Solenoid Type: Normally Closed (Optional Normally Open)

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