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MG-33SC Magnetic Level Gauge

MG-33SC Magnetic Level Gauge

MG-33SC Magnetic Level Gauge

Ayvaz MG-33S Magnetic Level Indicators are light weight level indicators used in tanks that do not require pressure resistance. Like Magnetic Level Indicators,MG 33S can be integrated into the automation and Start-Stop, Alarm can be received with 4-20mA or 0-10V output.

If requested, it is possible to manufacture models with valves and display scale.

• Continuous and easy monitoring
• Sealing construction
• Requested length and connection manufacturing
• Ability to work in different densities
• Manufacturing according to various installation types
• Long life time
• Easy maintenance
• Up to 4 meters can be manufactured in one piece.

Application Areas
• All steam and hot water boilers
• Waste water systems
• Filling and unloading containers
• All chemical and petrochemical tanks
• Tanks for petroleum and petroleum products
• Oil boilers
• Diesel fuel tanks and generator sets
• Submarine, helicopter and ship fuel tanks

Order Information
• Liquid density
• The level range considered to be controlled,
• The accessories and functions you intend to use should be inform.

Product Brochure

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