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SA-70 Liquid Drainer

SA-70 Liquid Drainer

SA-70 Liquid Drainer

The SA-70 allows the discharge of liquids from the gas and air lines. Fluid drain is happen with a float and the associated lever arm. The air or other gases in the device start to fill up in the liquid drainer body. The air and gases on the float allow the orifice to be closed by applying a downward force. The air and gases in the body cool down after a while and consequently start to condense.

The resulting water implements a force in the upward direction to allow the float to open also the lever and its associated ball orifice. Thus, the water is discharged. When the air come again to it close the orifice. Sealing against air is ensured. This cycle continues automatically.

Connection: Threaded and flanged
Connection Type: Horizontal and vertical
Nominal Diameter: DN15 (1/2”) - DN25 (1”)
Pressure: Max. 25 bar
Working Temperature: Max.  250 °C

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