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HA-70 Air Eliminator

HA-70 Air Eliminator

HA-70 Air Eliminator

Any system filled with water or other liquids will not function correctly unless air and other incondensible gases are removed. Ayvaz HA-70 prevent air and other gases from retarding circulation, causing corrosion and noise, inhibiting the filling of systems or priming of pumps.There ara available in variety of designs for hot water, cold water and many other liquid systems. Ayvaz HA-70 can easily be dismantled for servicing, usualy without disturbing pipe connection.

Body and Cover: GSC25 Steel Casting
Inner Parts: Stainless Steel AISI 304
Connection: Threaded and flanged
Nominal Diameter: DN15 (1/2”) – DN25 (1”)
Pressure:Max. 25 bar
Working Temperature:Max. 250 ºC

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