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KT-13 Condensate Manifold

KT-13 Condensate Manifold

KT-13 Condensate Manifold

Contains piston type stop valve
Body material is forged carbon steel
KT-13 is used for steam distribution and to generate the condensate water.
The function of KT-13 is decided by the installation type

KT-13 condensate manifolds are designed for vertical installation. It is suggested to insulate the condensate manifolds in order to prevent heat loses and to protect the users.

Steam Distribution:
Suggested installation is to connect the steam entry to the top of the condensate manifold. A steam trap unit should be placed at the bottom. The discharge from this steam trap unit should return to the condensate line properly. If discharging will be done to the atmosphere, a diffuser must be used.

Condensate Generating:
It is suggested to install the KT-13 as the condensate exit to come up to the top side. A stop valve for blowing off should be place underneath the condensate generator. Usage of diffuser is suggested as well.

Piston valves must be completely open or closed during the operation. These valves are not designed for flow control. Because of the wide sealing area of the piston valves, usage of an additional valve for sealing is not necessary.

Operating Conditions:
Max. Operating Pressure: 32 bar
Max. Operating Temperature: 315 °C
Kv Value: 32 bar

Connection Types:
NPT ANSI B1 20.1

ANSI B 16.11

Product Brochure

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