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MBK-45 Monoblock Valve

MBK-45 Monoblock Valve

The main part of the monoblock valve is ball which has a hole in middle. When that ball rotate 90 degree it close or open. They are useful for applications which have to be rapid.


Minimal loss of pressure
Easy to opening and closing
Good leak tightness
Compact design
They have compact design

Material Structure:

Body: Carbon steel

Ball: AISI 304 stainless steel


Nominal Diameter:
DN20 (3/4”) - DN25 (1”)

Working Pressure:
Up to 16 bars

Temperature Ratings:
-40ºC to 110ºC

Typical Applications:

Heating air-conditioning systems
Food industry Chemical industry
Paper mills

MBK-45 Monoblock Valve Prices

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