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Ayvaz Exports to 100 Countries

Ayvaz Exports to 100 Countries

Ayvaz has exported to 100 different countries by the end of September.

Ayvaz which has earned reputation for successful export activities, continues to expand export business where the company has never landed. Ayvaz significantly attained number of countries exportation to 100 with the sales of Zimbabwe Republic.

Since the day it was founded, Ayvaz has always been devoted to improving its product quality and customer satisfaction ambitions to exploit the global market. It is a tremendous achievement that not long after the company established the warehouse in Kazakhstan last month, it entered the African market on Zimbabwe.

Export Manager Yesim Sarac made a statement on this event saying that the export to Zimbabwe had a special importance to Ayvaz and underlined the fact that the company has exported to 100 countries in the 70th anniversary of the company.

Ms.Sarac stated that export was not only crucial to Ayvaz, but also to Turkey. As being the leader of installation sector, we maintain our brand in the international frontiers by exporting to 100 countries, which spreads and promotes the Turkish self-innovated industrial technology.



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