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C-5 Level Switch

C-5 Level Switch

C-5 Level Switch

Changes in fluid level move the float up and down. The micro switch inside the box gives contact according to the condition of the float. It provides the efficient and safe operation of the system by transmitting it to devices such as micro switches, pumps, solenoid valves, alarm devices and signal lights that can be open or closed type electrical connection.

• Pressurized/nonpressurized tanks
• Water Tanks
• Steam Generators

• Clean Water tanks
• Fuel tanks
• Steam Boilers
• Magnetic
• High set range
• Long lifetime

Max. Contact Capacity: 10 W / VA
Max. Supply: 180 VDC / 130 VAC
Max. Contact: 0,7A
Working Pressure: 5 bar
Max Temperature: 125 C
Float.: AISl304 SS
Connection: AISl304 SS
Bolt&Nut: AISl304 SS
Pipe: AISl304 SS
Mech. Connection: R1/2", (1" Opt.)
Min. Density: 0,7 gr/cm3
lnstallation Type: Horizontal
Electrical Connect: D1N43650C Socket
Contact Amount: 1x SPST-NA
Optional: Liquid level relay ASK-P2
250VA and SOW connection can be done with relay as opt.

Product Brochure

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