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SK55L Float Type Steam Trap

SK55L Float Type Steam Trap

SK55L Float Type Steam Trap

The SK-55L is a mechanical steam that drains condensate by the mechanical float system. When the system is cold, the incoming air is discharged from the open thermostatic discharge group. When the condensate comes into the condensate and begins to fill up, the float rises due to the density difference and the drain valve is opened and the condensate is discharged. As the condensate temperature rises, the air release element closes, but the condenser continues to discharge due to the float being above. When steam comes, the float moves downwards and the drain valve system closes. The valve system is designed to have water on a continuous basis. Water tightness is ensured. Therefore, there is no steam leakage.

Installation SK-55L Float Steam Trap is used horizontally.In case of need, vertical installation can be done with if the flow is from top to bottom. Check that the product is suitable for the desired installation, referring to the product label, the technical data sheet.

Check the maximum values of pressure and temperature. Determine the correct installation position according to the direction of condensate flow (flow direction is available on the body). Necessary safety precautions should be taken if condensate evacuation is to the atmosphere. A minimum distance of 200 mm is required to disassemble the cover part and the interior without displace the steam trap.

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