Workplace Rights of Employees and Social Responsibility Policy

AYVAZ, monitors and supports human rights which have gained recognition in the international area. While maintaining and developing its activities, AYVAZ considers primarily health and wealth of its employees and protection of environment. It manages its activities related to Work health and Security, rights of employees, and environment according to national, legal and other requirements. AYVAZ values its employees and the contributions that they have provided.

Equal opportunities are given to everyone without regard to nationality, race, sex, religion, belief, age, citizenship, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, disability in the direction of our selection/evaluation criteria such as experience, skill level and competence during the process of recruitment and employment (positioning, promotion, social rights etc.) of our employees. For this purpose, it is acted according to principles and criteria determined in all subjects within institutional social responsibility areas such as human resources and investment to human projects, partner culture, company vision, training support activities, applications for the development of culture and art.

AYVAZ respects to personal information and confidentiality rights and importance of our employees, our liability for protection of confidentiality of personal information of our employees continues in case when he quits his job in our company, it is not shared with anyone including family members and friends, unless legally required.

Our company undertakes to provide a working environment, away from illegal harassment, bullying, intimidation and discrimination, where people may realize their best works by behaving fairly and respectfully to each other, in peace and in order. No tolerance is shown to such circumstances. AYVAZ bans all types of forced employment of workers.

Required opportunities are provided to the employees working in AYVAZ in order for them to mention their complaints and suggestions, easily. There are complaint and suggestion boxes at the places where everyone may easily access, boxes are controlled and suggestions and complaints are evaluated. Our success depends on the contributions of each one of our employees.



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