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BK-33TD Thermodynamic Pipeline Connector

BK-33TD Thermodynamic Pipeline Connector

BK-33TD Thermodynamic Pipeline Connector

BK-33 pipe connector has been developed to be used with the steam traps in steam lines;

BK-33 TD (Thermodynamic)
BK-33 TK (Thermostatic)
BK-33 SK (Float type)
BK-33 BM (Bi-metallic)

BK-33 pipe connector contains 2 piston type valves in the flow direction. Optional test valves for steam trap testing and discharging the pipeline are also available.

Easily and quick maintenance
All internal parts are completely strengthen stainless steel
In operating conditions, opposite pressure should not exceed the 80% of the front pressure
According to condensate load, BK-33 TD may discharge intermittently
Designed for the steam pressure up to 42bar and quick discharging
BK-33TD can easily be disassembled individually and be maintained

Operating Conditions:
Max. Operating Pressure: 42 bar
Max. Operating Temperature: 315 °C

Drying Units
Steam Jackets

BK-33 TD, thermodynamic steam trap can easily be installed to the pipe connector. Ideally, steam trap should be installed on a horizontal pipeline. The flow through the pipe connector should be in the arrow direction. The connection distance of the steam trap must be on the horizontal plate.

Product Brochure

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