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Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauge

The liquid level can be seen with its indicator. It works according to physical principles that are buoyancy force, pull and push force of electromagnetic.

This type of level gauges indicator and optional electrical contacts are controlled by magnetic effect. This magnetic affects rotate red-white flaps and controls other optional magnetic switch.

Advantages of Ayvaz level gauge are;
-Real-time liquid level control,
-Simple design
-Various connection types
-High temperature resistance
-High pressure resistance
-Robust stainless steel body
-Long working life
-Suitable for different liquids.


Working Pressure:
Up to 16 Bars

Working Temperature:
Up to 180 ºC

Application Area:
-Steam boilers
-Pre-heating tanks
-Petro-chemical plant
-Liquid tanks
-Fossil fuel tanks


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