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SK-80 Mechanical Steam Trap

SK-80 Mechanical Steam Trap

SK-80 Mechanical Steam Trap

SK-80 Float Steam Trap is used for discharging the condensate by a mechanical float system. When the system starts up, thermostatic air vent is activated and discharges the air in the system. After this process, incoming steam will close the air vent. However when condensate reaches the steam trap, the float rises and opens the main valve and discharges the condensate. As soon as the condensate discharge is completed and the steam reached into the trap, the float goes down and closes the valve.

SK-80 can be installed horizontally from right to the left or opposite way. lf it is not indicated differently in the order sheet, it will be assumed.

Product Features:
Body: Ductile lron GGG 40.3
Cover: Ductile lron GGG 40.3 lnternals and float: Stainless Steel AISI 304
Connection: Flanged

Product Brochure

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