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SC-201 Check Valve

SC-201 Check Valve

SC-201 Check Valve

Check valves are general purpose armatures and application areas for liquids, gases, condensate and air. They increase operational safety and can replace complicated armatures. Ayvaz SC-201 Swing Type Check Valves have severeal advantageous, such as short installation times and space saving. The working part of the check valves is a hinged flap. This flap can move freely on the hinge pin in one direction. It works with fluid movement automatically. As the fluid flows in the direction of arrow, the flap opens to allow passage. If the flow is in the opposite direction, the flap closes. Thus, the flow on the line on which the check valve is fitted is one-way.

Product Material
Body: AISI 304/316 Stainless Steel
Cover: AISI 304/316 Stainless Steel
Connection: Threaded- BSPT
Nominal Diameter: DN15 (1/2”) - DN50 (2”)
Pressure Class: PN 16
Working Temperature: 180 ºC

Application Areas:
- Water and condensate lines
- Heating, cooling and air conditioning systems
- City water lines
- Air installations
- Paper mills
- Power stations
- Shipyards and shipbuilding
- Ship mechanical and cooling systems
- Mineral and oil industry
- Textile industry

Product Brochure

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