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The Corrosion Problems in The Condensate Lines

Power stations and the big industrial energy stations have the most scientific water treatment systems, chemicals and equipment known but especially, smaller sized stations, hotels, launderettes, glasshouses, dyeing plants and other steam using facilities may not have the required conditions.

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Pipe Expansion Joints: A Flexible Solution for High Buildings

As being an axial expansion joint, Pipe Expansion Joints are the expansion tools to absorb vibrations and noise. The pipeline system is divided in expansion parts and isolated with the fix points. By that way, the movement occurred in a vibration area is used in the same area and absorbed by the Pipe Expansion Joints.

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Ayvaz Sprinkler Hoses and Installation Kit

Sprinkler systems when the fire starts to spray water to the blaze automatically and extinguish or control the fire in fixed place. These systems are installed on the ceiling for affected more wide area and connect with Ayvaz sprinkler installation kits easily.

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Ayvaz DBV-40 Dynamic Balancing Valve

Ayvaz DBV-40 dynamic balancing valves are used on HVAC systems, industrial and building plumbing systems. This type valves have better solutions than static balancing valves. The required flow rate is fixed by the cartridge of dynamic balancing valve.

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Thermostatic Radiator Valves and Advantages

Energy efficiency is getting important day by day and the consumers choose more efficient products. Energy is more expensive than before; therefore energy efficiency is important nowadays. For this reason, Ayvaz thermostatic radiator valves are good choice for heating system.

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