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Ayvaz TS-EN 14800 N-Flex Natural Gas Hoses

Ayvaz’s N series of natural gas hoses which have been produced since 2009 complying the EN 14800 standards and been exported to many European Countries in particular Germany, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Spain and France, are now in domestic market.

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Ayvaz Throw The Sector Together By The “Installation Meeting” Seminar

As the leading installation firm, Ayvaz has organized a dinner and seminar named “installation meeting” at Maslak Sheraton Hotel on 11th of February. The seminar which was aiming to share the recent progressions of AYVAZ’s production and to improve the sectorial relations and planned to be traditionalized on a regular basis was done with the attendance of 400 individuals from the both European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

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Ayvaz Has Taken the Distribution Rights of Aspen Aerogels in Turkey

Ayvaz became the main distributor of Aspen Aerogels- the company that has developed Aerogel which has taken its place in Guinness as the lightest solid material and one of the best isolation materials in the world in order to meet the isolation needs of industrial applications and construction sector.

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The Corrosion Problems in The Condensate Lines

Power stations and the big industrial energy stations have the most scientific water treatment systems, chemicals and equipment known but especially, smaller sized stations, hotels, launderettes, glasshouses, dyeing plants and other steam using facilities may not have the required conditions.

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Pipe Expansion Joints: A Flexible Solution for High Buildings

As being an axial expansion joint, Pipe Expansion Joints are the expansion tools to absorb vibrations and noise. The pipeline system is divided in expansion parts and isolated with the fix points. By that way, the movement occurred in a vibration area is used in the same area and absorbed by the Pipe Expansion Joints.

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