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Ayvaz Organised a Seminar in Mauritius with Representatives of Different Sectors

Ayvaz organised a seminar in Mauritius with representatives of different sectors.

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At The 2nd Globally Local Symposium Held By Ayvaz, Senior Representatives From Different Sectors Were Welcomed In Antalya

Following the success of the first Globally Local Symposium last year, the leading installation company Ayvaz hold the second Globally Local Symposium this year between 16-19 November at Rixos Downtown Hotel Antalya. 

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Ayvaz Opened New Sales Office in Belgrade

Ayvaz has achieved one of its export targets in 2017 with opening its new sales office in Belgrade with the purpose of reaching the clients.

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Ayvaz Organised Seminars in Indonesia for a Week in July

Ayvaz engineers talked about the points, products and services of Ayvaz brand and shared their experience in the sector with the participants. Asia-Pacific Regional Director Gökhan Gürsoy planned this seminars for the current  costumers in the Indonesian market and potential customers in various sectoral issues.

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Two Hundred People From Different Sectors Attended Globally Local Symposium

Ayvaz organized a symposium called "Globally Local" in Antalya Rixos Downtown Hotel between October 27th and 30th. Nearly 200 people from different sectors attended the symposium which includes 7 seminars in 4 main categories.

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