Ayvaz insulation jackets, which save energy for your business, offer superior solutions for your different insulation needs.


Ayvaz combines over 70 years of industry experience with its superior products in insulation jackets.

Ayvaz insulation jackets which have aerogel insulation material, offer perfect solution for valves, steam traps and expansion joints.



There are so many reasons to use insulation jackets

If valves, expansion joints or steam jackets are not insulated, they cause huge energy loss. Minimising energy loss through proper insulation reduces energy costs of your business. Easily removable and re-attachable insulation jackets provide easy maintenance. Each valve or steam trap with no insulation in your business, causes thermal loss AS MUCH AS ITS SURFACE AREA.

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The Advantages

The Advantages of Ayvaz Valve Jackets over Other Valve Jackets made by Classic Insulation Materials

High Thermal Benefit

Ayvaz’s valve and steam trap jackets produced with hi-tech insulation materials with low thermal conductivity reduce the heat losses and provide high thermal and economic benefits.

Easy Installation

Aspen Aerogel insulation materials (Pyrogel XT, Cryogel X201) are typically 2-4 times thinner than other widely used insulation products. That provides more compact designs to our valve jackets and makes the installation easier.

Physically Robust

Despite of their soft and flexible structures, Ayvaz’s valve and steam trap jackets recover their thermal performance even after extremely high compression events with their excellent spring back features. High water resistance of the jackets offers a level of protection against damp.


Reduced material volume, high packing density, and low scrap rates can reduce the jacket sizes with a factor of 3 or more compared to the other jackets made by classic insulation materials.

Long Service Life and Respect to the Nature

Aspen Aerogels insulation materials have high tensile and compressive strength. Jackets can be applied and removed over and over again with no deformation for a long time. Landfill disposable, shot free, with no respirable fiber content.

VALVE Insulation Jackets

Ayvaz offers different types of Insulation Jackets that can be customized to your needs.