Witness our journey which began in 1948 in Istanbul and continues throughout the world today.

Ayvaz was founded

Ayvaz was founded

The late 1940s… The years when the economic, political and social effects of the Second World War continued around the world. The years that rewritten the rules of economics in Turkey by the effects of Turkey Trade Congress. In such a period, Ayvaz began its journey as a small manufacturing shop in 1948 in İstanbul.

Mercan, Eminonu

1959: The First Sales Store

Ayvaz continued to develop its business in the 1950s. In the late 1950s, a 6 square meter sales store was opened on Uzun Çarşı Street in Mercan district, in İstanbul. In the 60's, the production of valves used in the ship sector started. Various types of valves used in industries such as safety valves, steam valves, pressure reducing valve bodies, thermostatic valve bodies and check valves started to be produced.

Karaköy / 1965 - Charles W. Cushman

1965: Perşembe Bazaar Years

Ayvaz opened a sales store in Perşembe Pazarı in 1965 to reach more customers and continued to expand its product range.

Second Sales Shop

The Second Store in Perşembe Bazaar

In 1975, the second generation members of the family took over the management of the company and continued to grow the company. The production area was increased from 80 square meters to 150 square meters. The second sales store in the Perşembe Bazaar was opened in 1980s. Ayvaz started to become a nationwide known brand in the early 80's.

The product range is expanding

During these years, Ayvaz focused on the production of technical installation materials. Expansion Joints started to be designed and manufactured with the license of French Calorstat company, in strict accordance with EJMA. It started to manufacture Level Controllers with the license of Fantini Cosmi in 1982. After one year, Ayvaz also took out an international patent for manufacturing Steam Traps.

Avcılar Factory

1984: Avcilar Manufacturing Plant

In order to meet the intense demand from the market, a building was purchased in Avcılar in 1984 and this place was turned into a production facility.

The first stainless steel flexible metal hose of Turkey was started to manufacture here.

Samson and Ayvaz

1987: Collaboration with Samson

Samson A.G. Germany and Ayvaz started manufacturing together.

First Export

1988: The First Export

Ayvaz made its first export with the Expansion Joints sold to Saudi Arabia in 1988. This step was followed by the other exports to meet natural gas hose demands from Italy.

Dealers in Turkey

Dealer network expanded

Dealer network throughout Turkey has been expanded especially since the 90s. Trainings for the dealers also began.

Hadımköy Plant 1
Hadımköy Plant 2

2004: Hadımköy Manufacturing Plant

In the 90's, Ayvaz began to not fit into the production facility in Avcılar and bought a land in Hadımköy to achieve bigger targets in 1994. Over time, a modern factory and administrative building started to be built on this plot on a floor area of 7,500 square meters.

This building, which is still the central production facility of Ayvaz, has been developing since those years.

Ayvaz Bulgaria

2011: Bulgaria Factory

Ayvaz-N Company was founded in 2010 in order to respond to the demands especially from Europe for flexible metal hoses. It has its own manufacturing base, warehouse and administration building in the industrial area of Isperih town on an area of 7.000 m2.

“Ayvaz N” is equipped with innovative high quality equipment, new generation automatic lines and welding machines that meet globally accepted standards.


2012: Member of Euro-Qualiflex (AEQ)

Ayvaz became a member of Association Euro-Qualiflex (AEQ) which is the association of the leading European manufacturers of flexible metal elements.

Ayvaz Poland and China

2015: Poland and China Factory

Manufacturing plants in Poland and China were opened in 2015.

Ayvaz Poland was opened to respond quickly to the demands from Eastern Europe. It has its own manufacturing base, warehouse and administration building in the industrial area of Olewin town on an area of 1.500 m2.

Ayvaz China focuses on demands from the Far East, Asia Pacific and China. It has its own manufacturing base, warehouse and administration building in the industrial zone of Cixi on an area of 3.000 m2.


2018: AEQ Administrative Council

Ayvaz became a member of Euro-Qualiflex (AEQ) Administrative Council.