• What is QR Code?

    Quick Response Code or shortly QR Code is a new generation barcode system.

    QR Codes may contain various information likewise, a text, shortcut of a web site, phone number or a video link.

    Use of QR Code is growing up every passing day with the help of camera mobile phones.

  • Who can use QR Codes?

    If you have a mobile device such as a camera phone with a full functioned internet browser or a tablet PC, you can start using this technology by downloading a free software today!

  • Where can I download softwares?
  • How will I use it?

    STEP 1

    Execute the QR Code application/scanner on your mobile device.

    STEP 3

    Take the picture of the QR Code. Try not to move your mobile.

    STEP 2

    The camera view of your mobile phone will appear on the screen.

    STEP 4

    You will reach the related content following the barcode recognition.

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