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Ayvaz PTY-20 Strainer

Ayvaz PTY-20 Strainer

Ayvaz PTY-20 Strainer

AYVAZ Y Type Strainers have a wide range of applications to filter out foreign materials in pipelines. PTY-20 Y Type
Strainer is designed for long-lasting and healthy operation of many equipment in the system.

Fluids like liquids, gases and vapors transmitted in the systems lead some undesirable substances. These foreign
materials can be seen in the form of rust, lime, welding slag. These materials can damage the armatures on the system. To protect these armatures in the system, a strainer should be used in front of each fixture.

- Steam, water, compressed air, gas, oil and chemical fluids
- They are used to protect the armatures by filtering foreign materials in the system. It must be used before sensitive
equipment such as pressure reducing valve, steam meter, control valves, steam trap.

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