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Design and Manufacturing Errors in Condensate Pockets in Steam Lines

Design and Manufacturing Errors in Condensate Pockets in Steam Lines

You can find the most common design and manufacturing mistakes in condensate pockets in steam lines in our article with 3D drawings.

The design seen in Figure-I is the most frequent mistakes in the field. If the steam line branch has the same diameter as the steam trap connected to it, it will cause blocking and the water hammer happens as a result of the insufficient evacuation of condensate.

Buhar kapanı çapında hatalı kondens branşmanı

Figure-I: Defective condensate branch same as steam trap’s diameter.

The design shown in Figure-II is another repeated error in the field. The branch in the diameter of the steam trap causes blocking and water hammer occurs as a result of the insufficient condensate evacuation. Due to faulty branch design, the steam line can be seriously damaged due to very strong water hammer impacts.

Buhar kapanı çapında hatalı diğer bir kondens branşman tasarımı

Figure-II: Another example of an incorrect branch design which is incorrect in the diameter of the steam trap

In Figure III, despite the condensate pocket being close to the right design, strong water hammer occurs due to the protrusion that prevents the condensate collection and flow. This protrusion blocks prevents the condensate from collecting into the condensate pocket and prevents condensate evacuation.

Şekil-III: Buhar hattı içine çıkıntı nedeniyle hatalı kondens cebi tasarımı

Figure-III: Condensate pocket faulty design due to protrusion into steam line

Figure-IV is the ideal condensate pocket design. This design allows the condensate to be collected into the pocket, allowing the condensate to be removed from the steam line and minimize the risk of water hammer impact.

İdeal kondens cebi tasarımı


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