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TKK-21 Thermostatic Steam Traps

TKK-21 Thermostatic Steam Traps

TKK-21 Thermostatic Steam Traps

Ayvaz TKK-21 Thermostatic Steam Trap has high resistance to corrosion and water hammer. The filter is under the cover at TKK-21 Type.

For cleaning process it is enough to open the cover which is above the body.

TKK-21 has 3 capsule options. “S” type capsule is standard. All inner parts can supply as spare parts. The stainless steel ball inside the specially designed seat acts as check valve.

The difference of the TKK 21 is compact body and low condensate evacuation capacity. It is designed especially for irons.
Ayvaz TKK-21 should be assembled to the pipe line at horizontal position for working efficiently and long working time. Isolation valves should be used for safety during the maintenance and steam traps changing.

Material structure:
Body and cover: ASTM A 105 Forged steel
Inner parts: AISI 304 stainless steel


Nominal Diameter:
DN10 (3/8”) - DN15 (1/2”)

Working Pressure:
Up to 32 bars

Working Temperature:
Up to 2500 C

Typical Applications:
Steam jacket pipes

Product Brochure

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