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Fantini Cosmi Level Controller

Fantini Cosmi Level Controller

Fantini Cosmi Level Controller

Full automatic Fantini Cosmi level controller is installed to boiler for water level controlling. Water level is controlled by 3 Hg-contacts with high temperature resistance. Also external control like hands operate is possible for this type of products at emergency.

This type level controller has wide setting range which is provided float movement. High movement capacity is supported by its metal bellows. Contact, which is controlled by mechanical parts, is closed circuit for controlling other device.

Level Control Range:
A1: 15 to 75mm
A2: 15 to 30mm

Body: GGG 40.3
Internal parts in contact with the liquid: AISI 316 L stainless steel

380V 3,3A (AC) 1,1 kW
220V 1A (DC)

Weld End

Working Pressure:
Up to 25 Bars

Working Temperature:
0-200 ºC

Application area:
-Steam Boilers

Product Brochure

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