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N-Gas EN 14800 Natural Gas Hoses

N-Gas EN 14800 Natural Gas Hoses

N-Gas hose is manufactured according to EN 14800 standards and it is installed to system for gas connection. It has PVC cover that helps to have long working life toward chemical hygiene.

Advantages N-Gas gas hoses are,

-Easy installation with its flexible body and screwed fittings,
-Low cost expense for installation
-Easy and quick installation
-Long working life
-Reliable design

N-Gas hoses have DVGW certificate and CE certificate

Hose: AISI 316L Stainless steel
Fittings: Carbon steel or Stainless steel
Brail: AISI 304
Strip: AISI 303 / 304
Inner Parts: AISI 303 / 304
Nipple: AISI 303 / 304
Joint: NBR
Shrink: PVC


Diameter Nominal:
DN 12 (1/2”)

Application area:

-Natural Gas connection

N-Gas EN 14800 Natural Gas Hoses Prices

To learn the prices of N-Gas EN 14800 Natural Gas Hoses, please visit our contact page.


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