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Mix-Flex Domestic Water Connection Hose

Mix-Flex Domestic Water Connection Hose

Mix-Flex Domestic Water Connection Hose

Mix-flex water connection hose is a highly flexible structured hose assembly which provides, time and cost saving conection features with its quick connection fittings. Ayvaz’s Aquaflex hose prevents the problems caused by rigid connections. In short distances there is no need to use elbows, sleeves or other similar equipment. The users are able to reduce on assembly time and effort using easy forming aquaflex hose assemblies.

Mix-flex is designed for especially mixes taps for all sanitary applications, baths and kitchens, The hose set is provided as twin pack for hot and cold water connections marked with red and yellow strips around the hose necks.

Application Areas    
• Kitchen Faucet connections    
• Bathroom Mixer tap connections    
• Domestic Water connections    
• Sanitary

Hose: Standard pitch corrugated, stainless steel (AISI 316L) metal hose
Cover: Normally coverless, polyolefin cover in customized colours is optional     
Gasket: Klingerit or NBR


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