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Mig-Su Extensible Flexible Metal Hose

Mig-Su Extensible Flexible Metal Hose

Mig-Su water connection hose is a highly flexible structured, time and cost saving hose assembly which is highly resistant against pressure and temperature. Ayvaz’s Mig-Su hose prevents the problems caused by rigid connections. Because of the hose’s flexible design, corrugations are able to make expansion and compress movements and this provides a non-calcified structure.

Heat Treatment eliminates the stresses caused by the tubing, mechanic forming and fitting welding processes and increases the flexibility as well as the corrosion resistance of hoses while reducing the spring rate accordingly. Heat treatment helps hose to save the form and the shape given.

Advantages of Ayvaz’s MIG-SU Water Connection Hoses:

• Extensible structure provides the best connection features for non-classified distances.
• Offers great connection features for all indoor water connections as a flexible water connection hose to sanitary applications, tank and storage connections, combi boilers and heaters.
• Can be installed in tightest bending radius with no reduction in cross sectional area.

Economic Installation:
• Reduces the cost and time for installation with its highly flexible and firm structure.
• Provides the best connection features possible at long connections and can be manufactured in all lengths from 90mm up to 2000mm.

• Mig-su hoses are produced with the highest degree of safety and guaranty the highest level of health and safety for the users. (acc. UNI 7129)
• Non-flammable, polyolefin shrink protects the hose against the corrosive effects of the chemicals such as cleaning materials, fire and mechanical damages.

Service Life:
• Production process (heat treatment) homogenizes the hose material and provides a relieved structure from occurred stresses that increases the service life of the hose accordingly.

Hose Type: Closed pitch corrugated extensible metal hose
Hose Material: Stainless Steel AISI 316L
Fittings Types: Female-Female, Female-Male
Fittings Materials: Nipple in stainless steel EN ISO 7/1
Nut in Brass EN ISO 228/1
Internal parts in stainless steel
Cover: Polyolefin Cover in White or Coverless
Norm: UNI 7129

Mig-Su Extensible Flexible Metal Hose Prices

To learn the prices of Mig-Su Extensible Flexible Metal Hose, please visit our contact page.

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